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Applying for HR Licence

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Step by Step Guide For Applying HR Licence

  • Create a QGov account as soon as you enroll into the forklift course, if you haven’t already done so at: then save your login details.
  • When you have passed your forklift assessment you will be issued with an AS1 form, go to to apply for your licence.
  • select “Online services” drop down box at the top right hand corner and select “High Risk Work Licence Online Services
  • select “Application for a new Qld HRW Licence
  • Read then select next
  • Tick the box that you have read the privacy information, then select next
  • select “Proceed to QGov
  • select “Login with QGov
  • Your email will appear in the box, make sure that “Share these personal details with HRW licence service this time only” is checked.
  • Application for a new Qld HRW Licence: Service Eligibility” this is where you add your details of your AS1 form, just follow the prompts till completed.
  • Please calls Work safe Qld on 1300 362 128 should you have any problems.