Forklift Licence Training IpswichForklift Licence Training Ipswich

Forklift Licence Training Ipswich Forklift training and licensing is a safe way to land a stable career, and Barclay Thomas Training is a prominent player in giving advanced forklift training. Ipswich is known as a manufacturing hub in Queensland with over 14% of its population employed in the sector. Therefore, qualified forklift operators do not want to queue up for a job. data reveals that at least five new jobs per day are reported related to forklift operating in Brisbane and Ipswich these days. Apart from the manufacturing sector, the logistics, warehouse, and food processing industries search for people with forklift operating capability.
If you are searching for forklift training in Ipswich, you can choose our services as we offer customised training plans based on your needs. We provide refresher courses, on-site forklift training, a one-day training program and assessment, and a two-day training program and assessment.

On-site Forklift Training

Do you want to be trained in your facility at your convenient time? Barclay Thomas Training offers an opportunity for that. However, you have to follow some compliance standards set by WHSQ.
If you are compliant with the regulations, you are welcome to connect with us for training in your workplace at your convenient hours. You can choose the workplace training on weekdays or Saturdays in the morning or afternoon hours without any extra cost. However, the training sessions post 6 p.m. come with a surcharge.

Training Schedule

We have created a training schedule spanning two days, including the assessment, for on-site programs. However, you can customise your hours of training with respect to your experience with forklift operations.

Day 1: Induction

Our qualified trainers will introduce the components or parts of a forklift to you and explain the safety levels required at the operating plants. Next, you will get the chance to operate the forklift at your workplace under the supervision of our trainer. The trainer logs your activities until you reach 40 hours of operating a forklift. You will then be registered for your assessment.

Day 2: Assessment

The assessment contains two parts. In the first part, you have a numerical test that you have 60 minutes to complete. In the second part of the assessment, you have both a verbal and practical test on a forklift. The test usually takes 40 minutes to complete.

Forklift Licencing

When you are doing your forklift training in Ipswich, we will help you with the required documentation to apply with WHSQ. After achieving your competency, you can register the application for the HRW licence in the link
You should note that the fee for licensing is $91.50, and you should submit your online application within 60 days of the assessment, post which you should attend the course again.

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