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Forklift Training and Licencing in Sunshine Coast

Forklift Licence Training Sunshine CoastThe Sunshine Coast is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia due to economic growth. Between 2002-2015, it showcased a growth rate of 4.09% per annum with the increase of export and high-value employment. Though the city is known for its tourism industry and the inflow of travellers around the globe, there have been some remarkable industrial growth in recent years.

Job Prospects of Sunshine Coast

Recent reports confirm that it has strong construction, retail, food, and marine industries. All these industries provide great impetus to the economy of the Sunshine Coast and create thousands of jobs to the people of the city every year. When looking for a job that has diverse career options and applications in these sectors, forklift operations and maintenance becomes a primary choice for many people.

Why Forklift Training?

The job listings of Jora Australia show that at least two jobs are listed every day that require a forklift licence and operation skills in the Sunshine Coast. The warehousing industry, civil work departments, the manufacturing sector, and other sectors prefer people who have experience in operating a forklift. Even if you are employed, your forklift licence and expertise will help you to boost your career prospects.

On-site Training with Barclay Thomas Training

Barclay Thomas Training provides a world-class forklift training experience and assistance for licencing in the Sunshine Coast.
We offer training at your facility in your forklift. You can also choose what hours are convenient for you to train on weekdays and on Saturdays. However, you should note that after 6 p.m. our training programs will cost you additional charge.
We facilitate the forklift training at any facility as long as you meet the compliance standards of WHSQ and there is a minimum of three students for the training. You can contact us to learn about the compliance standards and our affordable fee structure.

On-site Program Schedule

Our on-site training program is designed to take two days to complete, though you have the option to customise it based on your requirements.
On the first day, our qualified trainers will explain to you the various components of forklift contributing to operating it. You will then be required to operate the forklift under the supervision of the trainers. Once you have completed 40 hours of forklift training, you will be booked for the assessment.
On the second day, you take the assessment that consists of two parts. In part one, you take a numerical and written test that spans about 60 minutes. Part two is a practical test where you demonstrate what you have learned. The practical test takes almost 40 minutes.

The Licensing

Though the process of attaining a forklift licence in the Sunshine Coast is governed and issued by WHSQ, we help you in every step of your application with the required documentation. Within 60 days of passing your assessment, you can apply for HRW licence online by paying a $91.50 fee.

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Forklift Licence Training Sunshine Coast

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