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Onsite Forklift Training

Onsite Forklift Training

Forklifts are highly used equipment across various industries around the globe. The situation is same in Australia as well, and various industries, such as manufacturing, construction, retail, export, warehouses, and more, use it extensively.

However, the number of accidents that occur every year confirms that there are not enough skilled and licenced forklift operators. If you have a business that uses forklifts for its operations, you should ensure that the operators at your facility or plant are professionally trained and licenced to operate it.

Even WHSQ takes breaches seriously and heavily penalise businesses who employ unlicenced forklift operators. The WHS Act 2011 enforces a penalty up to $3 million based on the size of the business. It may also lead to a jail term of up to five years for individuals.

On-site Training, Make Sure Your Workforce Has a Forklift Licence.

You must ensure that your employees are professionally trained and licenced to use a forklift. The on-site training program of Barclay Thomas Training is an ideal choice to train your workforce on forklift operations in Queensland. Our experienced and licenced trainers are delighted to make you and your employees experts in forklift operations.

However, the WHSQ laws demand specific requirements for on-site forklift training. The facility should have three bays of double pallet placed three levels high. Also, it should have a 400 square metre training space and a fully compliant forklift for training. Additionally, the assessors should furnish all the assessment details with WHSQ at least three days in advance.

If you are compliant with WHSQ laws, you can contact us for facilitating an on-site forklift training according to your schedule.

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The Training Program

We generally offer a two-day training program for on-site assignments. However, you can customise the program according to your requirements.

On the initial day, you and your workforce will be introduced to the components of forklift that make the equipment operations. Also, our trainers will explain to you the steps to ensure the highest workplace safety while operating a forklift. The instructors will then guide you to operate the forklift in the workplace. After you complete 27 to 40 hours of practice, you can book the assessment.

On the second day, you take the assessment after the assessor ensures that you have completed the required training. The two-stage assessment begins with a numerical and written test that is about 60 minutes. In stage two, you have to perform a practical test on the forklift that includes a verbal assessment as well. It takes almost 40 minutes to complete the test.

Forklift Licencing and Fee

Though we are not involved in the forklift licencing part, we help you to submit the licence application to WHSQ. After you pass the assessment, you have to apply for the licence online by visiting and paying a fee of $102.60 You should submit your application within 60 days of passing the assessment.

Connect with Us Today for On-site Training

If you are from any major Queensland cities, such as Brisbane, Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Loganholme, and Ipswich, you can connect with us or call us at (07) 5573 0216 to know more about the program and pricing.