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Forklift Onsite Training

Onsite forklift training is over 90% cheaper, than fines so why wait. WHSQ inspectors visit businesses to check their staff licences, one day it could be you.

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Expert Forklift Training In Brisbane, QLD

Welcome to Barclay Thomas Training. We are the leading name for forklift licence training in S.E. Queensland with the sole focus of creating excellent quality forklift operators for the industries of Australia.

As Brisbane’s top-rated forklift licence provider, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality training and certification services that meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike. Our commitment to providing the best possible training is reflected in our customer reviews, which consistently rate us as the top choice for forklift training in the Brisbane & Gold Coast areas.

Excellence is the outcome of quality training.

As one of the leading names for forklift licence training in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Loganholme, and Ipswich, we provide school based or onsite forklift training, forklift licencing, renewal of expired licences, and other custom training services.

The growth of the e-commerce industry and warehousing services in Queensland in recent years has given unlimited opportunities for aspiring job applicants. The strict government rules to create a safe workplace also demand that industries search for qualified training institutes that provide workers with a forklift licence in Queensland.

At Barclay Thomas Training, we offer excellent quality forklift training for both businesses as well as individuals.

Forklift Training Brisbane At Barclay Thomas

Brisbane’s Leading Forklift Licence Training School. We offer forklift training courses in Brisbane, QLD, we are a government approved RTO and offer on-site training. Our state-of-the-art forklift training school is located at 4/15 Josephine St, Loganholme. It features the latest model modern forklifts, highly qualified and experienced trainers, a real-time and fun work environment and more.

It is a three-day program, including the assessment, and you will find it is one of the best forklift training programs in Australia and available at affordable rates.

We have trained and licensed more than 4000 forklift operators in the last 11 years at our facility. We also train you on the various risks associated with forklift operating as we want operators to get the best learning opportunity from us.

Onsite Forklift Training

We also offer onsite forklift training in Brisbane and around S.E.Queensland. Our onsite training is more than 90 percent cheaper compared to the fines incurred due to unlicensed operations.

Workplace Health & Safety Inspectors make visits to various businesses and check whether the operators are licensed or not. Make your forklift operators professionally trained and certified to make your workplace safe and compliant to WHSQ regulations.

We do brisbane forklift licences with an onsite training program for forklift training and offer this throughout SE Queensland – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Loganholme & Ipswich. You will get 27 to 40 hours of operating practice before your assessment for a forklift licence to use Australia wide.

Businesses have the option to customize the training program according to their requirements, especially the hours and days for when they are available.

Queensland’s Top Rated Forklift Licence Classes

According to the research, nearly 70 plus people were killed in transport-related accidents in the workplace, and around eight of those are related to forklift trucks. Therefore, whether you want to become a forklift truck driver or your business requires one, it is essential to get the proper training to fulfill all forklift licence requirements.
We, at Barclay Thomas Training Group, are dedicated to providing helpful forklift licence course to individuals and businesses throughout Queensland. Over 12 years, we have been working in this industry as a government-approved and registered forklift-training organisation. We aim to create a peaceful environment where you can train comfortably and with confidence.

Our forklift training courses are designed to be comprehensive and effective, ensuring that students gain a deep understanding of forklift safety, operation, and maintenance. Our experienced trainers provide hands-on instruction that allows students to develop practical skills and knowledge, while our flexible training options make it easy for busy individuals and businesses to fit training into their schedules.

Go through the schedule of our upcoming forklift courses at our Loganholme training school and choose the one that is convenient for you.

In our licence classes Birsbane QLD , we do not just train you to pass your forklift test but also ensure that you have the skills to work safely in the workplace.


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How long is the forklift course?

3 day course is our standard, however now and again some people need a little longer and stay in training at our school for a few days more, all at no extra cost.

What days is the course?

The course is Monday, Tuesday for the training and Friday for the final assessment

What are the hours?

7:00am till 3:00pm normally but if you have children to pick up we can arrange for you to leave a little earlier.

What is the average failure rate.

Less than 10% fail there first assessment. and about 1.5% their second.

Do I have to do the course again if my forklift licence has been expired more than 12months?

Yes you can apply some RPL (recognition of prior learning) You will need to do an induction and your assessment, but no logbooks, we will need a copy of your expired forklift licence.

How much is the HRW licence fee?

$100.10 payable On-line when applying for your HRW licence.

Does the forklift licence I have with no photo on it cover me to drive the forklift?

No its expired. You are not legal to operate a forklift. You must enrol in a new cause and take the competency test again

How do I apply for my forklift licence when I have passed the assessment?

Now you apply On-line for your HRW licence, previously you went to the post office.

Is my HRW licence sent through the mail?

Yes, it usually takes about 2 weeks for you to receive your licence.

Can I drive a forklift while waiting for my forklift licence to arrive?

Yes, you are legal to drive a forklift immediately after you are passed as competent and will be issued an HRW Candidate assessment summary-Notice of satisfactory assessment form as your temporary licence to cover you until your licence arrives in the mail.

Forklift Training courses Cost in Brisbane?

Full Forklift Training Course cost in Brisbane is $450* per person.

Brisbane Forklift Licence

Barclay Thomas Training Group leading Forklift Licence Training professionals.

Forklift Licence Brisbane

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    Barclay Thomas training forklift licence Brisbane Workplace Health & Safety Act 1995 QLD On-site Forklift Training and Assessing for your Employee’s throughout South East Queensland. We offer flexible & cost effective solutions to your compliance and training.

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    Read why we are the leading Forklift Licence Training School in Brisbane & Gold Coast.

    Just got my new forklift licence from Barclay Forklift training group in Loganholme very professional highly recommended if looking to get a forklift licence. Bob Brisbane Warehouse Pty Ltd Thanks Paul

    Bob AustinBusiness Owner

    Very friendly and easy to understand trainer. Highly recommended if you are looking for a forklift licence. Barclay would have to be the best there is no other choice.

    Patrick HansonIndependent Warehouse Manager

    Thank you for making it pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am so pleased now i have my forklift licence. Highly recommended for quality training experience and very professional team.

    John CromptonBunnings Store Management


    Barclay Thomas Training offers forklift licences around Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & all of QLD. On-site Forklift Training and Assessing for your Employee’s throughout South East Queensland. We offer flexible & cost effective solutions to your compliance and training needs. Forklift Licence Training Gold Coast – Brisbane – Sunshine Coast.

    At the heart of our success as Brisbane’s top-rated forklift licence provider is our commitment to quality and safety. We understand the importance of forklift safety in the workplace, and we are dedicated to equipping our students with the knowledge and skills they need to operate forklifts safely and responsibly. Whether you are an individual looking to gain a forklift licence, or a business looking to ensure your employees are properly trained, we are here to help you achieve your goals.