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Forklift Licence Training Courses At Your Workplace

Forklift Licence Training Courses the new laws require you to have a licenced forklift operator on-site in the workplace, 3 bays of double pallet racking at 3 levels high, 400 sq meters of available training space as well as a fully compliant forklift.

If an assessor conducts tests on any none compliant premises or equipment they could be fined and could be banned from assessing for life by WHSQ.

In addition, all assessors must lodge details of every assessment they are conducting at least 3 days in advance with WHSQ and so WHSQ now knows where every assessor is working and testing. Spot audits are conducted on the quality and compliance of assessors and the site and equipment being used on a regular frequency.

Please consider if you are compliant with the new laws before ordering workplace training, please do not hesitate to call us if you are in doubt or need further assistance, thank you.

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    Day 1: Induction

    You will be introduced to every component of operating a forklift in a busy workplace at a safe and competent level (theory and Practical) if satisfied with your operating competency the trainer will issue you with a training plan and a log book, You will then operate the forklift within your workplace (legally) under the general supervision of a licenced forklift operator and log your activity until you have completed the hours set by your trainer, (minimum of 27hrs maximum of 40hrs).

    It is now time to book your assessment.

    Day 2: Final Assessment

    The first thing the assessor will do is check your documentation, if your log book is not complete you have not finished your training and the assessor will leave. Under these circumstances another assessment will cost you a fee.

    Assessment Part Two is a practical and oral test in the training area and on the fork lift and usually takes 40 mins to complete.

    Workplace training can take place  on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday am/pm,

    RPL – Expired Licence

    If you can provide a copy of your old licence plus a statement on letterhead from a previous (or current) employer that you have 27hours experience on a forklift within the past 12 months then the course is much quicker, as no log book hours are required.

    You will only need to attend the school for a day on a Monday for the training plus half a day on Friday for your final test.

    You need to be 18 years of age and also be able to read and write English.

    At our school – 4/15 Josephine St Loganholme Qld 4129

    Our purpose designed school is dedicated to forklift operator training and we do not conduct any other type of training or business on this site. It is fully compliant with the new laws and our trainers and assessors have over 90 years of combined experience.

    The Forklift course is a 3 day course (depending on your experience) which takes place every Monday, Tuesday for the training and Friday for your final assessment, 7am till 3pm.

    Day 1: Classroom and Forklift practical:

    You will be introduced to every component of operating a forklift in a busy workplace at a safe and competent level (theory and Practical) WHS Act, Planning Work, Hazard Identification, Pre-Operational inspections, Load shifting and Shut-down.

    Day 2: Day Classroom and  Forklift practical:

    Under the watchful eye of one of our trainers you will be guided and practiced in the correct operational techniques until you and the trainer consider that you are competent and ready to be assessed if additional training or practice days are required our staff and facilities are yours to use with no time constraint or extra fees.

    Day 3: Final Assessment:

    The assessor has to provide WHSQ with your details and place and time of assessment at least 3 days in advance, there will always be a gap of at least this time between training completion and assessment day as this is now the legislation.

    You may receive a revision and practice time on the forklift before taking your assessment.


    We are not involved in the issue of your forklift licence other than providing documentation for you to submit to WHSQ. As from the 1st September 2016 YOU NOW HAVE TO APPLY FOR YOUR HRW LICENCES ONLINE:  once you have achieved competency (passed) The Fee is $100.10 and you only have 60 days from the date of assessment to submit your application online. Unfortunately after this date you will not be able to get a licence and you have to do the course all again, so be warned.