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Forklift Licence Renewal In Brisbane

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Forklift Licence Renewal In Brisbane

In Queensland, a HRW licence is valid for five years, and the authorities send a notification to each licenced forklift operator at least 4-6 weeks before the licence expiry date.People who changed their contact details and address may not get the notification. Also, some HRW licence holders may get details with incorrect information.

By visiting High Risk Work Licence Services, you can update the details and apply for the forklift licence renewal in Brisbane. If you have questions, you can contact WHSQ on 1300 362 128 for assistance.Note that you can make the renewal application from three months before to 12 months after the expiry date of your existing HRW licence.

The Forklift licence Renewal Process

Before proceeding to the renewal application process at HRW Licence Online Services, you should have the following items with you:

  • The HRW licence number and the personal data you supplied during the original licence.
  • The Renewal Notice Number – get it from the top left corner of your renewal notice.
  • QGOV/Google/Microsoft account – people without an account can get a QGOV account while registering for HRW renewal.
  • Customer Reference Number (CRN) – from any of the following licences issued by Queensland Transport and Main Roads.
    • Driver’s licence from Queensland
    • Proof of age card
    • Marine licence indicator card
    • An HRW product number from TMR
    • Industry authority card

You should also keep your debit or credit card ready for making the payment for forklift licence renewal in Brisbane.

Things To Consider

People without a CRN can also submit the application. However, WHSQ will inform you how to get your CRN.

TMR needs your digital photograph and signature to print the HRW licence. For this, you may need to visit a TMR counter to create an account or upload the photograph and signature.

You also need to furnish a competency declaration while applying for the renewal of HRW.

The Forklift licence Renewal Fee

The HRW renewal application fee is $102.60, and you can pay by using your payment cards through BPAY after completing the application. Note that you should make the payment within seven days of submitting the application, or the application will be deemed as withdrawn. In such situations, you have to make a fresh application for renewing the HRW licence.

Your Current Licence Status During The Renewal Process

People who apply for the renewal of their licence before the expiry date can use their existing licence as long as they keep their renewal confirmation and receipt with them.

People who make their application after the expiry date do not get this privilege and should wait until the renewal application approval to see their licence status current. Therefore, they cannot work until their application is approved.

Guidelines For Interstate Licence Holders And Interstate Residents

Interstate residents with a Queensland HRW licence can renew the licence in Queensland or their new state. People who want to renew their licence in Queensland should follow the normal renewal process.

People with licences issued by other states should follow a new procedure to renew their HRW licence in Queensland. You can access the application procedure here.


How can I get a forklift licence in QLD?

To get a HRW licence, an applicant must complete:

A. Formal training by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that offers the particular course you are required to complete.

B. Informal training by a licenced supervisor. For example, workplace training under a supervisor holding a relevant HRW licence.

How much does forklift renewal license cost?

Fee for forklift licence renewal cost $90.90

How long does a forklift licence last?

A HRW licence lasts for 5 years unless suspended or cancelled by Safe Work. Licence renewal is required after this period.

How to renew a forklift licence in QLD?

HRW licence renewal can be done online. The applicant is required to apply for a licence renewal 3 months prior or 1 year after expiry. A non-refundable application fee is to be paid via credit or debit visa card. For a licence renewal, an applicant has to submit the Renewal Notice Number mentioned on the top left corner of the renewal notice, the customer reference number (CRN) from any Department of Transport and Main Roads issued licence cards or a HRW product number given by the Department of Transport and Main Roads for a previous HRW application.

What happens if my forklift licence expires?

An expired licence can be renewed within 12 months from the expiry date. If the applicant fails to renew the licence within this time, then he/she has to undertake the one-day Forklift Training course again and clear the subsequent test with a WorkCover Assessment.

Need Guidance? Talk To Us

Do you have questions on the renewal of HRW application or need guidance? Call us on (07) 5573 0216 to get the assistance. You can also write to us online and get guidance.