Renewing Your Forklift Licence

Renewing Your Forklift LicenceForklift Licence Renewal Brisbane

The HRW licence in Queensland lasts for five years. Authorities will send a renewal notice at least 4–6 weeks prior to the expiry date of the HRW licences.

However, if you have changed your contact details, including your address, during the period your forklift licence was valid for and inform the WHSQ of these changes, you may not get a renewal notice. Similarly, people may get their renewal notice with incorrect details.

You can visit High Risk Work Licence Online Services to update details and go for forklift licence renewal in Brisbane and elsewhere in Queensland. Additionally, you can call WHSQ on 1300 362 128 for the assistance.

How To Renew Your Forklift Licence

You should have a number of details before going ahead with the forklift licence renewal application process at High Risk Work Licence Online Services. It includes the following:

  • HRW licence number, as well as personal data that is furnished on your original licence
  • The renewal notice number – you can find it on the top left corner of the renewal notice
  • QGOV/Microsoft/Google account – people who do not have an account can register for their QGov account while applying for HRW renewal
  • CRN or customer reference number from any of the following licence cards issued by Queensland Transport and Main Roads.
    • Driver’s licence issued by Queensland
    • Marine licence indicator card
    • Proof of age card
    • An HRW product number given by TMR
    • Industry authority card

Additionally, you should keep your debit or credit visa card ready to pay your forklift renewal licence fee.

Things to Remember

People who do not have a CRN can still submit an application. In such situations, WHSQ will contact you to inform you on how to get a CRN.

TMR uses the digital photograph and signature uploaded by you to print the HRW licence. Therefore, you may be requested to visit any TMR counter and create an account or provide photograph and signature.

Also, you should make a competency declaration for the renewal of HRW.

Renewal Fee for Your Forklift Licence

Once you have completed the forklift licence renewal application, you need to pay a $94.70 fee using payment cards or BPAY. If you do not make a payment within seven days of the application, the system considers the application to be withdrawn. Therefore, you need to submit a new application to renew your HRW licence.

The Status of Your Licence During the Renewal Process

If you applied for the renewal process before the expiry date, your licence would remain current as long as you keep your renewal confirmation and receipt with you. However, people who applied after the expiry date should wait for the renewal application approved to get their status current.

Guidelines for Interstate Residents and Interstate Licence Holders

Interstate residents who have a Queensland HRW licence can renew their licences in their new states or Queensland. If they wish to renew it in Queensland, they should follow the normal forklift licence renewal process mentioned above.

People who hold the HRW licence issued by other states should follow a different procedure if they wish to renew it in Queensland.

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