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Buyer Beware Cowboys in Town

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Buyer Beware 1 day training

Buyer Beware Cowboys in Town every year Workplace Health & Safety Qld cancels licences of innocent trainees who obtained their licence from non compliant operators.
Over the years there has always been the get rich quick operators (here today gone tomorrow) who are not doing the right thing by their students and the law.
It is impossible to undergo training and assessment in the same day and be compliant with the two governing bodies that regulate training and assessment.
When these Cowboys are eventually caught, every licence that they have issued is cancelled by the regulator and the offending Cowboys shut up shop and there’s no refunds.
There has been an influx of these first time operators who are generally not Registered Training Organisations themselves but merely one man bands operating through a memorandum of understanding with a sloppy remote RTO often out of state for a fee.

RTO’s undergo strict audits every five years to allow licence renewal from ASQA the governing body for training organisations that issue accredited qualifications, in addition every assessor is spot audited at least once per year whilst they are undertaking assessments.
If an organisation or its individuals are not compliant they will not make it past the five year mark, however they can cause a lot of industry damage and financial loss to their students in the lead up to this time.

Beware one day training, if it sounds too good and is not what the quality players are practicing then you may be in high risk of losing your high risk licence down the track as well as your money if and when their indiscretions are brought to light; and they will be.

  • Ask how long they have been operating their business.
  • Ask if they are the RTO if not ask if they are on an MOU agreement, then they are not the RTO and probably will not be around for a long time.
  • Ask how long the RTO has been trading, if it’s over ten years then the RTO should be a quality player too have survived at least four sets of audit.
  • Finally Remember if they are cheaper than the average established school – where are the corners being cut and non compliances being made and does the savings equal the risk of losing your licence down the track when they have gone!

Comprehensive, compliant training should normally involve 3 days with the RTO or more!

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