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Forklift Training From The Best Trainers Of The Industry

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Forklift training and a licence is a passport to a prosperous career for people who want to be part of the industrial sector.
At Barclay Thomas Training, we offer fully-qualified and accredited onsite forklift training in Ipswich for people who work in warehouses, logistics, e-commerce sector, and other industries. With our onsite forklift training, we help industries to upskill their existing workforce and make them licenced.
If you are searching for reputed institutes to attain a forklift licence in Ipswich, you will find Barclay Thomas Training is the right destination for your needs.

The Forklift Training At Your Facility

We offer training and assessment, and refresher training at your facility.
Forklift licence training helps to keep your premises safe, improve the morale of your employees, and make your workplace compliant with government regulations, and above all LEGAL (current fine for unlicenced operators is $5,222 each).

Day 1: Induction

Our qualified trainers will introduce you to every component of a forklift as well as the safe operation of equipment. The trainer will issue a log book and training plan after they are satisfied by your operating competency.
You will start logbook training with your equipment at your workplace under the supervision of a licenced forklift operator. They will log your activity until you complete between 27-40 hours – the minimum hours for certification. Now, you can book your assessment – you get six months to complete the assessment for licensing after the training.

Day 2: Assessment

This is a written test. People with problems in writing in English can take their test verbally for an additional small fee. You should communicate the verbal assessment requirement at the time you book the assessment.

Assessment Part 2

The practical test on the forklift takes around 40 minutes.

Forklift Licence Fee in Ipswich

While we help you with documentation for your forklift licence, we are not involved in the licencing process. You have to apply for the HRW licenses online at the WorkCover Queensland website after achieving the competency.
The licence fee is $100.10, and you get 60 days to submit the application for the licence from the date of assessment. After 60 days, you will have to retake the course to apply for the licence.
At Barclay Thomas Training, we ensure the forklift licence in the shortest possible time while offering the training at the most affordable rates.

Register Today And Become A Certified Forklift Operator

Please follow this link and contact us to register for the training for a safe workplace. Call us today on (07) 5573 0216 if you have questions.