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Recognition of Prior Learning

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RPL (recognition of Prior Learning)

Forgot to renew your licence? Well, you have to redo the course again. If your licence expired recently and you still have it and your employer will release a statement of currency indicating that you have driven 27 hours in the past 12 months then you can be granted RPL which in real terms means that you can be excused logbook hours.

However, when we have an RPL request we also require a driving demonstration which generally embarrasses the applicant as they are unable to complete the test circuit without incident. Our advice to all is to attend the full course. Our staff are constantly told on the phone” I have 30 years’ experience what can you teach me that I don’t already know” well we have yet to meet one that properly understands how their forklift works, how to steer it and safety in operation.

Expired or cancelled Forklift Licence

Please note that if your forklift licence does not have your photo on it, your licence is cancelled, and you are no longer legal to drive a forklift, you will need to resit your test.

The Forklift course is usually a 3-day course but if you can provide a copy of your old forklift licence plus a statement on letterhead from a previous (or current) employer that you have 27 hours of experience on a forklift within the past 12 months (or a Statutory Declaration), then the course is much quicker, as no logbook hours are required. (RPL)

You will need to attend the school for a day on a Monday  for the training plus half a day on Friday for your final test.

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